Project Detail

Industrial Chiller Plant Renovation
Tech Electric completed work renovating the UNC Hospital Chiller Plant #1 in May, 2007. The project consisted of three 4.160kv Water Cooled Centrifugal Chillers and associated pumps/accessories. This was a very challenging project due to several factors, including the time frame for construction and space constraints. The total project schedule was six and a half months from start to finish, so the building would be ready for the next cooling season. Coordination with the Engineer, General Contractor, Mechanical Contractor and Equipment manufactures was critical in making this project successful. We installed a new medium voltage distribution system, including two - 15kv sectionalizing switches, four -15kv to 4.160kv transformer, two - 15kv to 480v transformers and all the secondary cabling from transformers to the equipment.  

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